With exhibits, lore and its own orca whale skeleton, this museum on the Cordova waterfront celebrates the culture, art, history and ecological wisdom of the region’s rich Native heritage. Operated by the Native Village of Eyak, the museum takes inspiration from the idea that multiple tribal groups historically shared the area’s resources, including Eyak, Alutiq, Ahtna and Tlingit peoples. It’s dedicated to the revival and preservation of their crafts, skills and wisdom. With digital storytelling, crafting classes and a gift shop.

Inside you’ll find exhibits and artifacts from the ancient and modern traditions throughout Prince William Sound and the Copper River Delta, plus visiting exhibitions from other museums. But one of the coolest elements is the orca skeleton hanging from the ceiling in the lobby. The whale stranded and died in nearby Hartney Bay in 2000, and a team of scientists and volunteers salvaged, preserved and then re-articulated its bones. It’s one of five killer whale skeletons on display in the world.

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110 Nicholoff Way
Cordova, AK
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Season Year Round
Hours Monday- Friday 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM
Rates Admission is by donation

Ilanka Cultural Center & Museum

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