The yurt is removed from the state park campground and very private. Drop off is to the right of the game marker about 300 yards to the left of the Humpy Creek trail head and campground. The yurt is at the edge of the tree line overlooking the intertidal flats and the bay.


The yurt has 4 bunks that can sleep 2 friends. There are 4 inch foam mattresses and a wood stove. There is an outhouse and a pulley for food storage provided. There is basic safety equipment and an ax and a saw. There is a 1 burner propane stove. Bring propane, the small 1 lb bottles.


4 to 8 people


At the top left hand side of China Poot Bay on the side of the mountain.


The yurt is to the left of the Humpy Creek about 300 yards and about 100 yards to the right of the white hunting marker. The yurt is in the trees with a view out over the bay. There is a small clearing in front of the yurt with a fire ring.


The yurt is accessible by water. There is access to the larger trail system. The trail system links in to trails to the Glacier, China Poot Bay and Halibut Cove and the larger connected trail system. See the state park maps.


The yurt is located at the tree line back about 300 yards from the beach. There is a large inter tidal zone. There is a high dune that has a trail to the yurt down the middle of it. Approach is shallow, best at high tide for coming and going. There is a cut bank along the top of the water with an extensive tidal zone that goes out about a half mile at low tide. The grasses are high.

Special Features

There is great fishing off the beach and at the Humpy Creek. There is access to an extensive trail system state maintained. The inter- tidal zone is very large and there is lots of marine life. There is lots of wildlife around the creek. Black bears are abundant.

Season Of Use

Summer only.

Managing Agency

Alaskan Yurt Rentals as permitted by the Alaska State Park system.

What To Bring

Bring WATER. The water source is the Humpy Creek but it must be boiled for 12 minutes to be potable. Bring your own cooking utensils, sleeping bags, cooking stove, lantern, pots, pans, plates, utensils, food, garbage bags, and fire starter. There is wood around but it can be very wet and it makes sense to bring dry kindling and paper from town.

Getting There

Latitude: 59.6635
Longitude: -151.1416
Driving Directions


Humpy Creek Yurt