The Homer Highland Games are dedicated to the education of the general public about the Celtic Culture through athletics, music and information about one of the most ancient athletic events in history starting back in 1057 A.D. when King Malcolm Canmore, who called upon the Clans to send their best runners, for he needed messengers, send their best fighters, for he needed a private army, and send the strongest, for he needed personal guards. Everyone is welcome to come out and compete. The mission is to educate the general public of his or her own history and culture.

Originally the Celtic culture blanketed much of the European continent but by the middle of the first century AD, following the expansion of the Roman Empire and the "Great Migrations" celtic culture became resticted to Ireland, the western and northern parts of Great Britian (Wales, Scotland, Cornwall and the Isle of Man with some remaining in Brittany in northern France. Today we tend to associate Celtic culture with Ireland.

Competitions in Homer include the light hammer, heavy hammer, light and heavy weight throw for distance, weight for height, open stone, braemar stone, caber, sheaf, kilted mile foot race, tug of war, teams of eight, open class and town tug. The action starts with music in town at the WKFL park and then out East End Road at the Down East Saloon Friday, (July 5 this year,) and continues with more music, food, competition and history at the Karen Hornaday Park Saturday.

There is plenty of fun competition for children at the games as well. Their events of course recognize their smaller size. They include the cardboard caber toss, salmon toss and Extra Tuff Boot Kick.

Children and adults enjoy the lively scene and social interaction as well as learning more about the Celtic culture while partaking of uniquely Scottish food and beverages.

Getting There

Latitude: 59.651319
Longitude: -151.552795
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