The town’s most recognizable building, with iconic blue onion-like cupolas capped by crosses, this cathedral was established in 1794. That’s the year Russian monk St. Herman arrived in Kodiak. A benevolent force in the colonization and exploitation of the Aleuts and Alutiiqs, he was known for his care of the sick and dying during Western-introduced epidemics, as well as his protection of the local populations. He was canonized in 1970, nearly two centuries after his death, and the cathedral still holds relics of his. Look for the lampada burning above the reliquary. The holy oil is used to anoint the sick and suffering. The church also has a seminary; roughly 15 students come from around the state (mostly native communities), for education in ministry as well as Russian language, history, and literature.

Getting There

410 Mission Road
Kodiak, AK 99615
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