Historic Plaques around Unalaska

When the United States military left Unalaska Island at the end of World War II, it also left behind buildings and equipment that would become war relics and reminders of the area’s importance during the Aleutian campaign, often called the “Forgotten War.”

The buildings have deteriorated over the years and some have been torn down. But historical plaques marking the location of seven World War II points of interest were erected in 2007 to ensure they won’t be forgotten. Can you find them all?

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Latitude: 53.876434
Longitude: -166.554008
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Unalaska WWII Historical Plaques

This dock was used to repair sub­marines on patrol in the Bering Sea dur­ing the war. Locat­ed along Air­port Beach Road.

A plaque in the park­ing area of the Muse­um of the Aleu­tians along Salmon Way explains some of the hill­side trench­es in the area.

East Point Road ­sign, describ­ing Unan­gan evac­u­a­tion dur­ing WWII

Red brick naval radio sta­tion near the Amer­i­can Pres­i­dent Lines (APL) dock.This is the only brick build­ing in the Aleutians.

Near Blor­ka Dri­ve and Delta Way, you’ll find infor­ma­tion on the sink­ing of the ves­sel North­west­ern in Cap­tain’s Bay

A mark­er here is ded­i­cat­ed to the 881 Unan­gan men, women and chil­dren who were relo­cat­ed to intern­ment camps in South­east Alas­ka from 1942 – 1945.

This plaque marks the under­ground Mil­i­tary Hos­pi­tal on Amak­nak. The build­ing is no longer stand­ing, but the infor­ma­tion­al sign will tell you all about it.