Hiking at Denali Park Village

Want a hands-on exploration of Denali National Park, rather than just watching the landscape glide by your tour bus window? Join a small-group hiking tour guided by the company's trained naturalist who will help bring the Park’s amazing science and history to life. Each hike is approximately 4 miles and duration averages 3 to 3.5 hours. Here are your options;

Triple Lakes Trail Interpretive Hike

This challenging hike on an improved trail inside Denali National Park gives you an immersion into the boreal forest of Interior Alaska. It begins with a gradual hill climb, offering spectacular views of the Nenana River and the glacially carved Yanert Valley—then levels off near the three alpine lakes that give this trail its name. Here you have a good chance of seeing arctic grayling, beavers and moose, set against the backdrop of wildflower-covered hills (come August, there are blueberries, too). Recommended for avid hikers with appropriate conditioning and footwear.

Rock Creek Hike

This "front country" experience on the Rock Creek Trail combines a pleasant hike on an improved trail with a visit to the unique Denali Visitor Center. Your interpretive guide takes you to the center where you can explore for about a half hour, then you’ll take a moderately strenuous loop hike of about four miles on the Rock Creek Trail. You’ll pass through a spruce and birch forest, with chances of seeing a moose or another forest animal.

Steps Through Time Hike

This guided hike through a gorgeous wilderness of mixed spruce, birch and alder forest as you follow the trail of frontier hunters on the way to an old hunting cabin. The rustic trail leads you to a bird’s eye view of the glacially-carved Nenana River valley, and you have the chance too see fox, moose, dall sheep and numerous birds. Your guide will offer insights into the powerful forces that shaped the land. Due to some increases in elevation and a boulder-hopping creek crossing, this is a moderately strenuous to difficult hike requiring sturdy foot wear.