Herbert Glacier Trail


4 miles



As glaciers retreat, plants move in to occupy the recently exposed land in a process called succession. This entire trail is a classic example of Ice Age succession, since you’ll pass from mature forest to scrub trees to rocky moraines as you approach the glacier. There are picturesque views along the Herbert River, and while the hike is mostly flat and one of the area's easier walks, it’s long—about 5 hours round-trip. The trail is open to hiking and mountain biking, but last mile and half is more difficult on a bike. The trail ends at a braided stream and gravel bar under Herbert Glacier where you can look up at the ice.

You should not approach the face of the glacier due to the danger of falling ice.

Getting There

Latitude: 58.5092
Longitude: -134.7228
Driving Directions

Herbert Glacier Trail