Grace Ridge Trail South Access


8 miles

Elevation Gain

3184 ft.



Access: Tutka Bay There are two trailheads for Grace Ridge. One is at the northern end of Tutka Bay at Kayak Beach. The second is located in the southern end of the bay about two thirds of the way down on the north shore.

Some folks never hike the entire length of the trail, but rather hike from Kayak beach to the summit of Grace ridge, and back to the beach. This is a worthy hike, but if you can hike from north to south completely along the ridgeline you won't be disappointed with the views. On the north end of the trail there is one overlook above a rocky bluff that offers amazing views straight down into Sadie Cove. You can also see volcanoes across Cook Inlet from this point. Another highlight along the southern end of the trail are the views of the south end of the Harding Ice Field, and on clear days you can see the outer coast of the Kenai Peninsula. Just amazing. Camping is popular for hikers and kayakers on the north end at Kayak Beach where there is a nice beach and plenty of space. The real treat is the campsite at the south trailhead where things are a bit more secluded and quiet. Grace Ridge Trail Note: Snow can obscure the trail above tree line on this trail. It is best to stay on the spine of the ridge if completely thru hiking the trail. Keep an eye out for orange trail markers that will lead you back into the forest.

Getting There

Latitude: 59.499652
Longitude: -151.469858
Driving Directions