Goat Rope Spur Trail


1 miles



This trail is short and steep through thick forest that leads to incredible scenary. The trailhead can be reached via the highest point of the Lagoon Trail, two miles from the ranger station. Rock cairns mark the trail to an open alpine ridge, where the trail gently climbs to a summit that has some of the finest views anywhere of Kachemak country. Be sure to take a camera because you'll want it when you reach the end of this spur trail! This summit rivals Poot Peak for its views, without the hazardous rocky climbs. Travel beyond the 3160 foot summit are difficult.

There are no developed campsites although backcountry camping above timberline is allowed. The only water is from seasonal snow fields.

Getting There

Latitude: 59.571
Longitude: -151.157
Driving Directions