Unalaska’s Front Beach, on the shores of Iliuliuk Bay, is both inviting and picturesque. Looking toward the bay, watch for boats coming into harbor, eagles fighting over salmon, or mist engulfing the surrounding hills and mountain tops. Back toward Unalaska, you’ll find more emerald green mountain views and historic sites.

Front Beach is easily accessible, providing locals a convenient spot for recreating and working. It’s the site for events like “girls night out” bonfires, as well as fire department hazmat drills. It’s a popular salmon fishing spot, and is the best location for settling in to watch the city’s 4th of July sunset fireworks display.

To get there, park along Bayview Avenue and walk down the embankment toward the beach, which consists of larger rocks graduating down to a dark sand as you approach the water. Look down as you walk to spot lovely pieces of sea glass, or look up to find the perfect camera angle (photo ops abound). History buffs will appreciate Front Beach’s close proximity to the Russian Orthodox Church/Bishop’s House (a National Historic Landmark) and Memorial Park, half a mile down the beach. Try for an iconic photo of a bald eagle perched on top of a cross at the Unalaska Cemetery, which is also adjacent to Front Beach.

Getting There

Bayview Avenue
Unalaska, AK 99692

Park along Bayview Avenue and walk

Driving Directions