Eveline State Recreation Site


2 miles



This is an easy two-mile trail through meadows and forests that’s great for hiking in the summer and skiing during the winter. In summer, the highlight is fields of wildflowers, especially from June through August: Lupine, Wild Geranium, False Hellebore, Monk’s Hood, Chocolate Lily, Fireweed, and much more.

How to Get Here

About 14 miles out East End Rd. (from the blinking red light at Lake St. & Pioneer) you’ll find Alpine Meadows Rd; another 3/8-mile or so up the hill is Eveline State Recreation Site. There’s a kiosk at the trailhead where you’ll usually find laminated trail maps and flower guides that you can borrow (and then return for the next hiker).

Getting There

Latitude: 59.761085
Longitude: -151.237328
Driving Directions