Elfin Cove 4th of July Celebration

If you plan your Elfin Cove visit for early July, you get to experience the community’s biggest event. July 4th festivities start with a pancake breakfast and includes a kid-led parade, games, chili cook-off, potluck, and fundraisers for the local services.

Join in and try your luck staying on the “grease pole” (full disclosure: most competitors usually end up in the 50-degree waters at the end of the airplane float!). See if the webbed-footed participants in “Duck Poop Bingo” will mark your numbers on the large, wooden bingo “card.” Or choose a favorite in the annual banana slug race, which is more than a little symbolic of the pace of life around here!

Getting There

Latitude: 58.19441
Longitude: -136.345783
Driving Directions