Located about four miles south on the western shore of Eklutna Lake inside Chugach State Park, the new, spacious Kokanee Cabin offers backcountry paddling and skiing with a strong wilderness vibe. Off the trail system and reachable only by traveling across the lake, the cabin is surrounded by forest that’s seen almost no human use. With this isolation, it’s a place that asks for self-sufficiency and gives solitude, plus a taste of what it might feel like to be a pioneer on a remote lake.

Isolation And Solitude

As the sun sets, it can be an eerie setting, inspiring wariness. You might hear the howling of wolves. Come morning, though, you are poised to explore the lake’s least visited shore and well-positioned for snow adventures in upper Eklutna Valley. The campfire area has great lake views, while the covered porch protects during chilly downpours.

Kokanee Cabin is tucked into the woods 3.75 miles south down the western shore of the lake Eklutna


Stylish 16-by-20 partial log cabin on pillars, overlooking Eklutna Lake, with sleeping space for six in bunks and two more on floor. Wood stove, cooking bench and large table inside. Outside are fire ring, picnic table and outhouse. Lots of storage space inside and beneath the cabin for winter gear.

New in 2016, the Kokanee Cabin has an elevated covered porch with a good view and shelter from the rain. Four of the sleeping spots share the same big platform that acts as seating for the table. It’s an ingenious arrangement, but sleeping six would be cozy, and eight might feel crowded.

If the lake is cloudy, fresh water can be found at a spring up a trail, but should be purified. There’s plenty of downed wood for campfires and heating, but you’ll need a camp saw, especially in winter.

Tent camping is allowed on the beach, but lake levels can vary a lot and the beach sometimes submerges during high water periods.

Eklutna Lake Kokanee Cabin is roughly 16' X 20' inside and has sleeping space for 6

What Can You Do At Eklutna Lake Kokanee Cabin?

  • Paddle the shore to explore river and creek mouths that are difficult to access on foot. Some people circumnavigate the lake in sea kayaks.
  • Hike an untouched mountain slope behind the cabin on game trails.
  • Depending upon ice and snow conditions, you might hike, ski, snow bike, Nordic skate on glare ice. Skate ski on spring crust. Dog sled or snowshoe through new snow, or cruise on snowmobiles.
  • Take a multi-day trip. The cabin is one third of the way to Serenity Falls Hut — six or seven miles away at the valley’s head — making Kokanee a potential first-night stop.

Getting There

Latitude: 61.375668
Longitude: -149.047775

To Eklutna Lake Recreation Area

To reach Eklutna Lake campground, picnic areas, trailhead and boat launching beaches, exit the Glenn Highway at Mile 26 and take Eklutna Lake Road about 10 miles into the mountains.

Here is a PDF guide to the Eklutna Trail System.


Launch a canoe, kayak or other boat you can carry into the lake just off the parking area. The cabin is tucked into the woods 3.75 miles south down the western shore of the lake, slightly around the corner from view at your departure point. The landing spot is north of the cabin with a short trail. If you see the cabin above you on your right, you’ve gone too far.


Depending on snow cover and ice conditions, you can walk, snow-bike, ski, snowshoe, dog-sled or use snowmobiles to reach the cabin down the lakeside trail. Check the conditions report. You can travel on the lake surface only after prolonged freeze up. Be extremely cautious early in the season.

Break Up / Freeze Up

Kokanee Cabin cannot be reached when Eklutna Lake has ice too thin to support travel or too thick to interfere with boating.

Driving Directions


Eklutna Lake Kokanee Cabin