“Out the Road” ends at Echo Cove. You’ll see only a boat ramp and some outhouses, but walk about a mile down the beach and you’ll come upon the beautiful view of Berner’s Bay, Lion’s Head Mountain, and possibly a whale or 20. You likely won’t be alone, though; this is a popular spot for ATVs, so be prepared for their noise. It’s also a popular spot for kayaking, as Echo Cove offers great access to Berner’s Bay. But the cove is narrow, shallow, and nearly cut off from Berner’s Bay by a sand bar. When the tide changes, the cove resembles a river. The current is fun to watch from shore, but not so fun to paddle against. Be sure to catch the outgoing tide to get into Berner’s Bay and the incoming tide for your return.

Getting There

Latitude: 58.661764
Longitude: -134.906273
Driving Directions