This 16 x 20 log cabin is situated inside the park-like Delta State Recreation Site a half mile north of Delta Junction and the junction of the Alaska and Richardson highways. The braided Tanana River is just across the highway, offering stunning views of the Alaska Range during clear weather.


Sleeping platforms, table and chairs, wood heating stove, kitchen counter with sink, ax, saw, broom and ash scoop with picnic table and fire ring outside. Water pump in summer, with picnic shelter nearby. The Delta Junction Airport is adjacent to the south.


4 people (pets welcome)


Delta Junction


Basically on the northern edge of the Delta Junction community—a few minutes’ drive from amenities and supplies.


The wooded, 23-acre recreation site has a small-town park atmosphere, with residential areas to the north and the Delta Junction Airport immediately to the south.

Season of Use


Managing Agency

Alaska State Parks (a private vendor manages the park)

What to Bring

Guests must bring firewood for heat and campfires. Carry water or be prepared to melt snow in winter. Items such as a cook stove, cooking gear, flashlights or lanterns, bedding, sleeping pads and trash bags are not provided. Guests are expected to pack out trash and clean the cabin before leaving. Don’t assume there will be sufficient toilet paper or working batteries in the smoke detector.





Getting There

Delta State Recreation Area
Mi 267 Richardson Highway
Delta Junction, AK 99737

From Fairbanks, drive south on the Richardson to Mile 267, just north of Delta Junction.

Driving Directions


Delta Cabin