Dall Sheep Viewing in Atigun Pass

Some of the best sheep viewing in the world looms over the gravel James Dalton Highway as it traverses this 4,739-foot pass through the Brooks Range and then descends toward the Arctic coastal plain. Sheep can be found along sweeping open slopes between the pass and Galbraith Lake, with best chances of seeing activity between May and September. Ewes give often give birth near the lake, while the pass area is known as a rearing area for lambs. Overall prospects for other wildlife viewing are fantastic, with good chances for caribou, Arctic foxes, musk ox and migrating birds.

Getting There

Latitude: 68.1294
Longitude: -149.4758

The Dalton Highway is the trucking route to the Prudhoe Bay oil fields, and driving it requires planning and preparation. Atigun Pass—the highest highway pass in Alaska—is 328 miles north of Fairbanks. Take the Steese Highway north to the Elliot Highway and continue about 73 miles to the Dalton junction just past Livengood. The pass is at Mile 244.

Driving Directions