Cowee Meadows Trail



This trail winds its way back to three cabins in Point Bridget State Park. If you're interested, find out more information about Cowee Meadow Cabin, Blue Mussel Cabin, and Camping Cove Cabin. It begins by quickly descending from muddy meadows through forest and into a broad valley. Another mile on this easy, well-maintained path brings you to Cowee Meadows cabin. Here you’ll find wonderful views of the surrounding mountains, just a few hundred yards from a gently arcing beach, which offers unparalleled views of Berner’s Bay and Lions Head Mountain across the bay. Berner’s Bay is the site of herring and hooligan runs in May, and good whale watching throughout the summer. While brown bears are starting to become more frequent in this area, the biggest mammal you meet may be a friendly horse looking for a nuzzle; a nearby homestead includes a stable of exceptionally friendly horses that are put out to pasture in the valley.

Getting There

Latitude: 58.647208
Longitude: -134.933739
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