China Poot Peak Trail


1 miles

Elevation Gain

1632 ft.



Note: To get to the summit you most get to the Summit Junction, and continue the final .3 miles from there. The trail begins .5 miles beyond China Poot Lake. The elevation gain tells it all - 1632 feet in just over a mile! This trail doesn't mess around. It is difficult but can be fun. Right from the trail junction, the trail will climb straight up, with no traversing or switchbacks. The trail climbs over exposed tree roots, several slick rocky spots, and up among alders you can grab to pull yourself along the trail. Wearing gloves on this trail is a good idea. Once you break the 1,000 foot mark, you can get great views of Kachemak Bay and the Homer Spit, as well as China Poot Lake. The trail is more of a route in the alpine and can be hard to follow. Head to the north face of the peak where you will find the junction of the Summit Route (which takes you the final .3 miles to the top) or the South Route which is a softer more easy trail back down to the lake and the Wosnesenski River Trail.

Getting There

Latitude: 59.53561
Longitude: -151.19123
Driving Directions

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China Poot Peak Trail Points

This pop­u­lar trail cir­cles Poot Peak and climbs the 2,600 foot sum­mit. The North Route (1.1 mi.) climbs from the Woz­ne­sen­s­ki Riv­er Trail, 0.4 miles from the bridge at Chi­na Poot Lake.

Hike about an hour along the Chi­na Poot Peak Trail to the sum­mit trail­head. This trail begins at 1800 feet and, once again, does­n’t mess around. The trail goes through a short alder sec­tion before you basi­cal­ly have to scram­ble up a scree field and sev­er­al rocky cliffs to the sum­mit at about 2600 feet.