China Poot Lake Trail


2 miles



Probably the second most traveled trail in the park, this trail offers a great day hike for those spending time in the lagoon. You can start hiking the trail from the ranger station or the trailhead in Halibut Cove Lagoon. The trail traverses up numerous switchbacks to a place called First Lake. On a hot summer day, a soak in this lake can't be beat. The lakeshore is littered with pond lilies, a very cool aquatic plant. Fish at the mouth of the stream, camp at the lake or stay at the public use cabin once you have arrived at the lake, either way you are staying at one of the most beautiful places in the park. The ambitious can continue on to climb China Poot Peak, one of the most sought after summits in Kachemak Bay State Park.The hike starts uphill pretty quickly and after about 15 minutes it will take you to the first of many fishing spots. From the trail, you can see China Poot Peak on a clear day. It is also called Chocolate Drop Mountain. It's a good hike to take a Canoe on, so that when you arrive at the lakes, you can get out away from the bugs and the trees and fish.

Getting There

Latitude: 59.561838
Longitude: -151.204791
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China Poot Lake Trail Points

Difficulty: Difficult Distance: 1 mile Elevation Gain: 1632 feet

Note: To get to the sum­mit you most get to the Sum­mit Junc­tion, and con­tin­ue the final .3 miles from there. The trail begins .5 miles beyond Chi­na Poot Lake. The ele­va­tion gain tells it all — 1632 feet in just over a mile! This trail does­n’t mess around. It is dif­fi­cult but can be fun. Right from the trail junc­tion, the trail will climb straight up, with no tra­vers­ing or switch­backs. The trail climbs over exposed tree roots, sev­er­al slick…  ...more