Carl E. Moses Boat Harbor - Deadliest Catch

Before the Emmy-award-winning Deadliest Catch began airing in 2005, only captains and their crew really understood the extreme ups and downs of the crabbing life on the Bering Sea. Millions of viewers in more than 200 countries now know what goes into bringing Alaskan crab to market: hard work, a lot of daring and at least a little drama (or maybe it’s hard work, a lot of drama and at least a little daring!).

The show has brought notoriety to the featured boats and crew, as well as to the fishing fleet’s base of operations – the port of Dutch Harbor, Unalaska Island.

When in Unalaska, you can check out the Carl E. Moses boat harbor where crabbing vessels dock. The city’s “Daily Vessel Check” lists boats currently in harbor, so you can find out if one of the featured “Deadliest Catch” boats is there. (Since many of these boats participate in other fisheries – not just for crab – they are likely not docked in Unalaska during the summer months).

However, as the nation’s number one fishing port (in terms of pounds of fish brought in each year), you’re sure to find something going on at Unalaska’s docks, and a local to give you their perspective on the unique lifestyle of an Alaska commercial fisherman.

Getting There

Henry Swanson Drive
Dutch Harbor, AK 99692
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