Blanchard Garden

The site of the old Blanchard Garden is just two lots east of the Gault House. During its time, perhaps the most famous garden in Alaska grew here. In gold rush days, people had little time to care for flowers or vegetables. But just a decade later, Skagway had become well-known as the "Garden City of Alaska." The slogan remained; until World War II. Many gardens thrived; Blanchard's being the best known among them. Visitors to Skagway were amazed to find large and beautiful dahlias, sweet peas, begonias, geraniums, pansies and nasturtiums. That era ended, however, with the coming of World War II. With the Army occupying much of Skagway, many gardens were abandoned or graveled over. In recent years, a revival of gardening has taken place, spearheaded by the efforts of the local garden club.

Getting There

6th Street
btwn Alaskan & Main
Skagway, AK 99840
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