Bishop's Beach



Everyone wants to explore a tidepool, don’t they? This is a must for the kids—even that little kid in those slightly more mature visitors. Here’s the perfect spot. Bring a towel and let’s have an intertidal adventure.

If you're interested in tidal life and exceptional vistas, Bishop's Beach affords an excellent opportunity.

At the access point is parking next to the beach and a covered picnic area. From here, walk east or west on the beach.

About seven miles west you'll come to Diamond Creek where you can access the Sterling Highway. Walking east towards the Spit will bring you to Beluga Slough. It's possible to go beyond the Slough during low tides, but is not recommended.

At low and minus tides, check tidepools for a variety of interesting plant and animal species. Various birds are also common visitors.

Getting There

Latitude: 59.63756
Longitude: -151.54
Driving Directions