Aurora Winter Landscapes Photo Tour

6 Days


Mar 26 to Mar 31


Single: $3,995; Double*: $3,195 each

Start & End Cities

Start: Fairbanks

End: Fairbanks

Land Package Type

Photography Tours

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The only thing better than experiencing the famous aurora borealis is capturing it on camera. And it can be tricky—which is why going with a photo tour makes a lot of sense.

Also, you don’t want to cut your time short. After all, clouds happen—especially in northern latitudes where the aurora can appear. So plan to spend several days, and to go at the best possible time of the year. In this part of Alaska, late March into April is when you’ll find the greatest number of clear days; late March is also when one of the equinoxes happen, which is when aurora frequency peaks.

That’s why this tour gives you 6 days during that small window in late March—to maximize your chances of seeing the aurora and the spectacular mountain scenery of the Eastern Alaska Range to get the best possible shots.

And if there is cloud cover, you want to have alternate plans, so you can still capture something truly unique and Alaskan. This tour also offers the potential to shoot in a glacier ice cave, as well as the surrounding mountain landscapes still cloaked in winter white and to photograph the iconic Alaskan sport of dog mushing.

Included in the tour are an expert guide and tour leader/driver, ground transportation, 6 nights single occupancy lodging, and public lands entrance fees. Transportation to Fairbanks, meals, gratuities, and personal expenses are extra.

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Day 1

Sunday, March 26

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You’ll meet in the hotel at 3 p.m. for an orientation and presentation on capturing great photos in Alaska. That’s followed by a group dinner, where you’ll get to know your fellow travelers. Then, if conditions allow, you’ll jump right into your first aurora shoot!

Day 2

Monday, March 27

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Head south on the Richardson Highway to Delta Junction, where you’ll set up for the next 4 nights at a charming Alaskan roadside lodge. Then continue south, taking in the magnificent landscape of the Alaska Range and looking for great landscape shots, as well as foregrounds for your amazing aurora photographs to come.

Day 3

Tuesday, March 28

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During the day you’ll be shooting the dramatic, snow-covered Alaska Range and have the chance to explore and photograph the Castner ice cave. And at night you’ll continue to scour the skies for the aurora’s magical, colorful wisps.

Day 4

Wednesday, March 29

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Today is the day to mush! There’s hardly anything more iconic than dog mushing, and you’ll have the chance to photograph a dog mushing team, surrounded by nothing but gorgeous Alaskan scenery. The evening brings another opportunity to shoot the spectacular northern lights

Day 5

Thursday, March 30

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Based on the weather forecast as well as the chances of seeing the aurora, you may head out for a final opportunity to capture the northern lights amid the beauty of the Alaska Range. You may also have the chance to relax, share images as a group, and critique each other’s.

Day 6

Friday, March 31

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Today you’ll travel back to Fairbanks, where the workshop officially ends around 3 p.m. However, you may still have one more opportunity to go search for the lights if Mother Nature allows!

Prices & Dates

Season March 26 - 31, 2023
Duration 6 Days / 5 Nights
Rates Single: $3,995
Double: $3,195 each (available for two participants traveling together)

Aurora Winter Landscapes Photo Tour

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