Keep your radio dial tuned to AM 890 for Homer's public radio station KBBI to keep apprised of what's happening in town that you may find fun and entertaining. Local disc jockeys also play good music, ranging from country/western to jazz, pop, rock, folk and of course local music. Homer is blessed with so many great musicians, entire shows could feature just local artists. Deejays also have details of upcoming events which they share between songs. Worldwide news is also available regularly from NPR.

A special feature on KBBI is the Bush Lines, over which people send messages to friends and relatives living beyond the end of the road who have no other means of getting communications. Even if you don't need the bushlines, they are entertaining, enlightening and sometimes amusing. They air week days at nine a.m., one and seven p.m. and weekends at 10 a.m. and one and seven p.m. It gives you a taste of bush life.

The “community calendar” feature and the local newscasts and glimpses into the nature of the town. And every summer, in July , the station hosts a two-day outdoor concert at the Karen Hornaday Park, called Concert on the Lawn, featuring numerous local performers as well as art and food booths spaced around the grass "dance floor."

Homer also has two weekly newspapers, the Tribune and News that update readers on happenings and coming events.

Getting There

Latitude: 59.646501
Longitude: -151.533054
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