Aleutian Tundra Golf Classic

One of the most unique golf outings you could ever experience takes place every August, on the Aleutian tundra thousands of miles from any established golf course.

This is a place where you can (and perhaps should) wear knee high boots as you advance along a 9-hole course winding through the Pyramid Valley of Unalaska Island.

The Aleutian Tundra Golf Classic - a major fundraiser for Unalaska Community Broadcasting (KUCB) - spans two days. Entrants play in teams of 4, enjoying camaraderie and wacky costumes as much as the sport itself.

Players used to a more traditional course need to adapt quickly to the wild nature of the Pyramid Valley area, where vegetation under knee high is considered “smooth,” knee-high vegetation is “semi-rough,” and waist high is “rough.”

The unusual terrain presents challenges both for golfers and organizers, who must set the course by GPS, use cans in place of holes, and supply plenty of extra balls (hundreds are lost in the tundra throughout the tournament).

Results are strictly based on the honor system, with awards given for overall score, “Closest to the Pin,” and “Longest Drive.”

Special permission is given by land owner Ounalashka Corporation to use the beautiful Pyramid Valley location for the Golf Classic. You need to get a land-use permit to venture there at other times. So pull on those mud boots and give it your best shot. Visit KUCB for more information on participating in or volunteering for the Golf Classic.

Getting There

Latitude: 53.857641
Longitude: -166.550819
Driving Directions