Alaska Salmon Bake

Looking for a relaxed dinner after a busy day of adventures? Head to the Alaska Salmon Bake—the only one in Fairbanks—where you’ll enjoy all the food you like, surrounded by a historic park filled with old buildings and mining equipment. Take your pick of Fire Grilled Alaskan salmon, Beer Battered Cod, or prime rib, cooked to perfection. Then wander the trails, which are lined with Fairbanks history, or find a seat outside and soak up the evening sun with a pint of locally brewed beer (their wine list is quite good too!) Kids love the playground, and dads can get some good tips from the grill master, who cooks salmon perfectly over a bed of black spruce coals. After the meal, you can catch the Palace Theatre which is just a short walk from the Salmon Bake.

This salmon bake has quite a history itself—it’s been going on since 1979. That’s because they grill only the finest salmon caught in Alaskan waters. And their cod, from Alaska’s icy Bering Sea, is hand-dipped in a special beer batter that’s light and crisp. In addition to the entrees, you can choose from fresh salads: Caesar, pasta, potato, or four-bean. You’ll also have fresh-baked rolls, some of the area’s best deals on wine, and great beer from the nearby Silver Gulch Brewery. They also have an affordable kids’ menu.

The salmon bake attracts several hundred people each night, but there’s plenty of seating (and plenty of food), and it’s a fun, social place. Gather around the grill or the table, or find somewhere secluded for a quiet meal. It’s whatever you’d like it to be. The rush is from 5–7 p.m. and the theater starts at 8:15. Locals bring guests here, military families show up for a good feast, and travelers will find an atmosphere and cuisine that’s uniquely Alaskan. Just swing on by, or inquire at your hotel about shuttle services.