Motorhomes allow you to really settle in to your Alaska vacation. You get to explore the Great Land at your own pace, with your meals close at hand and no daily packing and unpacking chores. Alaska Motorhomes Rentals from Alaska Travel Adventures adds even more benefits with one-way rental options. Seeing Alaska by motorhome is different than seeing it by train, for example – so why not experience them both? If the thought of a long, round-trip journey on the Al-Can keeps you from setting out on that amazing adventure, how about driving one way and flying back?

You can consider all these options when you rent one of the comfortable, easy-maneuvering C class vehicles from Alaska Motorhome Rentals – (the entire fleet is new within the last three years.) Spacious floor plans include everything you need for a comfortable stay – and room for between 2 and 6 travelers.

No worries if you’ve never driven one of these homes on wheels: the navigation is straightforward, and you’ll get an orientation beforehand. Toll-free roadside assistance (16 hours a day, 7 days a week) gives additional peace of mind and confidence in setting out on your independent journey.

Alaska Travel Adventures has been helping folks see Alaska for nearly 40 years, so they have plenty of advice on itineraries and recommended places to go. They understand travelers have different levels of independence and are available to offer friendly help when you are out on the road. Book in advance for the best options

Getting There

Latitude: 61.221072
Longitude: -149.866818
Driving Directions

Prices & Dates

Season May 1 - Oct 15
Rates Anchorage - Seattle // $1,199 - $1,399 | One-Way Fees
Anchorage - Fairbanks // $719 - $829 | One-Way Fees
Anchorage - Skagway // $939 - $1,149 | One-Way Fees
Fairbanks - Seattle // $1,249 - $1,469 | One-Way Fees
Fairbanks - Skagway // $1039 - $1,249 | One-Way Fees
Standard Class C Motorhome // $169 - $349 | Rates based upon season and rental duration
Large Class C Motorhome // $189 - $369 | Rates based upon season and rental duration
Optional Equipment Available upon request // Tea Kettle, Toaster, Coffee Maker, Lawn Chairs, Propane Barbecue, Ice Chest (cooler), TV/DVD,
Available to rent // Bike Carrier only* $50 | 2 Bikes & 1 Bike Carrier* $189 | 4 Bikes & 1 Bike Carrier* $289 | Child Seat $25 per week | Generator $5 per hour of use or fraction therof
Rate Notes Pick-up & Drop-off locations include: Anchorage, Fairbanks, Skagway, & Seattle, Washington.
Optional Housekeeping Package is available for $35 per person, per rental, and includes bedding (sheets, pillowcases, blankets, pillows) towels, eating, cooking, and storage ware.
Discounts: AAA, AARP, extended rental, Anchorage Sunday savings, web specials throughout the season
Transfers are $35 on days of rental pick up and drop off only between the rental depot and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Anchorage International Airport, Fairbanks International Airport, Skagway Airport, Anchorage, Fairbanks or Skagway area hotels.
* Available on roundtrip Anchorage rentals only

Alaska Motorhome Rentals

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