The Nome Arts Council organizes a 2-day film festival each February/March, offering a fascinating glimpse into the natural world of the far north and the lifestyles and traditions of those who call it home.

Alappaa (ah-lah-PAH) means “It’s cold” in Inupiat, and while focused on the cold regions of the North, these films might just warm your heart. Spend each day watching a variety of short films (many locally made) that highlight many aspects of living in the Arctic: traditional dance, nature and climate change, string stories, scientific research, wildlife, and more. Each day culminates with a feature film. Recent selections have focused on children of the Arctic, Inuit tattoos, and growing up Native in Alaska. Head to Nome Elementary Commons and break out the popcorn, even if it’s “alappaa” outside!

For information on this year’s festival, including how to submit your own film, contact the Nome Arts Council.

Getting There

Latitude: 64.49747
Longitude: -165.383984
Driving Directions