Airport Trail



This flat trail—a must for birders—takes you past the Juneau International Airport runway and into the famed Mendenhall Wetlands. You’ll start by following the Mendenhall River until you get past the runway. Then the trail veers left, but a smaller footpath follows the embankment above the Mendenhall out to where it empties into Lynn Canal. Follow the main trail for about another 1.5 miles, past a small covered shelter and the largest tree stump you’ll ever see. Keep an eye out for all manner of wading birds and ducks. The views of the mountains surrounding the Mendenhall Glacier are spectacular. This is a popular trail for local runners and birders, and many hikers bring their dogs—so watch your footing.

Getting There

Latitude: 58.360021
Longitude: -134.596725
Driving Directions

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Airport Trail Points

Difficulty: Easy Distance: 1 mile

Locat­ed in Menden­hall Wet­lands State Game Refuge, this trail is wheel­chair-acces­si­ble and close to the air­port. It has many oppor­tu­ni­ties for water­fowl and bird watch­ing. It is excel­lent­ly main­tained. This makes the trail a very easy hike. Many times you will see strollers, run­ners and bik­ers on this trail because it is paved.