Adventure Kart Expedition

This exhilarating adventure puts you in a rugged Tomcar for a back country ATV adventure over 10 miles of old logging roads through the Tongass National Forest. The off-road excitement is matched by the amazing views of Behm Canal and the Inside Passage. It’s sheer fun for the whole family as you navigate twist and turns, motor easily up hills, and splash through epic potholes. Tour conditions are affected by weather, and your drive might be muddy or dusty. But it’s all part of the fun. Prepare to get dirty!

The excursion is also a great way to get out of town and experience the wilderness even if you’re on a tight schedule. It lasts a little over 3 hours, with 1.5 hours spent exploring in the Tomcar. You start off with a 30-minute narrated coach ride to Adventure Karts’ base camp, located north of Ketchikan at Whipple Creek. Once there, you’ll have a safety briefing, orientation to Tomcar operation, and time to get geared up. Rubber pants and jacket are provided and highly recommended, especially if it’s been raining, as you’ll be covered in mud after just a couple of miles. And if it hasn’t been raining, you’ll come back dusty.

Once everyone is ready to roll, the caravan of karts heads out and the adrenaline kicks in. Since there are plenty of rocks, potholes and curves to navigate, you’ll move along at a comfortable pace – not too fast, or you’ll miss the scenery! It’s a bumpy ride, accompanied by lots of laughter.

There are a few stops along the way to enjoy scenic overlooks, a beautiful waterfall (even more impressive after a good rain), to make sure the caravan sticks together, and to get fueled for your ride back to base camp with a snack and water. During breaks, your guide will tell you more about the regional flora and fauna of the area. Adventure Karts guides love the outdoors and making sure you have a great time in this amazing part of the state.


People in Tomcars race down a muddy forest trail.

Get out of town and experience the wilderness even if you’re on a tight schedule. Tours last a little over 3 hours, with 1.5 hours spent exploring in the Tomcar.

  • Rain bibs, rain jacket and a helmet are provided for use on the tour. If you’ve got neck or back problems, or if you are expecting, this excursion is not recommended.
  • This bumpy, frequently wet ride is a great way to test out your waterproof/shatterproof camera. Consider leaving sensitive electronics at base camp.
  • Photos are taken during your tour, and are available for purchase afterward.

The Tomcar

Durable, reliable, and safe, Tomcars were originally designed for the military and industrial industry. With a 15-inch ground clearance, twin cylinder engine, four-wheel independent suspension, and heavy-duty steel frame, Tomcars easily navigate Alaska’s challenging wilderness terrain. Even better - they’re simple to operate and super fun to drive. This is a fairly unique opportunity to drive this fun and versatile machine.

About Kawanti Adventures

Adventure Karts is locally owned and operated in Ketchikan, Alaska by Kawanti Adventures. Owner Brien Salazar added the Adventure Kart Expedition to a number of other exciting options his company offers in Ketchikan and Juneau, including flightseeing, ziplining, bear viewing and walking tours within the Tongass rainforest. The Adventure Kart Expedition caters to those visitors who would like to explore the Tongass in an exhilarating and unique way. Throughout all of these activities, the most important values are safety, customer service and a commitment to community.