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Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve contains 115 miles of the historic Yukon River and the entire 88-mile Charley River basin. Old cabins and relics recall the Yukon's importance in the gold rush era. Archeological and paleontological sites in the preserve provide knowledge of both thousands and millions of years in the past.

The two rivers are quite different. The broad and swift Yukon flows with glacial silt. The smaller Charley flows crystal clear and is considered one of Alaska's finest recreational streams. They merge between the early-day boom towns of Eagle and Circle. Cliffs and bluffs along the two rivers provide nesting habitat for peregrine and gyrfalcons. Beyond the riverbanks, grizzly bears, DaII sheep, and moose may be seen. Floating the Yukon—by raft, canoe, or powerboat is a popular way to see wildlife and scenery. The Charley River demands more advanced river skills.

Access: By Taylor Highway (summer only) to Eagle or Steese Highway from Fairbanks to Circle. Scheduled flights serve both towns from Fairbanks. Or, charter a flight with Tok Air Service. Approximate Size: 2.5 million acres. For Information contact: Superintendent, Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve, P. 0. Box 167, Eagle, AK 99738-0167; 907- 547-2233; www.nps.gov/yuch

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