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Pre­mi­um fish­ing for salmon and hal­ibut on the always calm waters of Tena­kee inlet. Whale watch­ing and bear view­ing. Excel­lent up close wildlife pho­to­graph­ic expe­ri­ences. Cap­tain Tuck Har­ry has over 40 years of expe­ri­ence in the wild. Kayak­ing is also avail­able. Com­plete packages. 

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Difficulty: Easy

Hike through forest­ed paths along the shore­line east or west of Tena­kee Springs. Head­ing west brings you to many beau­ti­ful lit­tle bays. Going east leads you over a pic­turesque sus­pen­sion bridge, then to Can­nery Point and Cof­fee Cove. Even­tu­al­ly you’ll find one of the old log­ging roads, which could lead you all the way to Hoonah!

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