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Kenai Peninsula Shopping

Fulfill all your shopping needs with this list of our favorite shops in the Kenai Peninsula. Explore various options, including art, souvenirs, seafood, and essential items.

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Locals know this Homer insti­tu­tion as the place that has every­thing — from sport­ing goods to oil for your car, art sup­plies to pre­scrip­tion med­ica­tions. While it has a stag­ger­ing amount of vari­ety, it main­tains a charm­ing mom-and-pop vibe.

Whether you wish you’d caught more fish when you vis­it­ed the Kenai Penin­su­la — or you just want easy access to excel­lent fish at about half the usu­al retail price —this fish­ery in Kasilof is a great find. The fam­i­ly-owned fish­ery — a his­toric site first estab­lished in the 1930s —offers fresh-caught wild salmon and oth­er fish at har­vester prices. They sell whole fish, and you get the sat­is­fac­tion of pick­ing your own fish from their catch if you’re…  ...more

You might feel there’s a gift shop at every turn in Alas­ka, but few of these offer the oppor­tu­ni­ty to con­tribute to the pro­tec­tion of Alas­ka wildlife like the Dis­cov­ery Gift Shop at the Alas­ka SeaL­ife Cen­ter. With their Round up for Rehab” pro­gram and a guar­an­teed per­cent­age of prof­its going to aquar­i­um pro­grams, your pur­chas­es here con­tribute to the res­cue and reha­bil­i­ta­tion of injured or orphaned wildlife, as well as the edu­ca­tion and…  ...more

Homer is known through­out Alas­ka as the state’s pre­mier artist com­mu­ni­ty, home to dozens of gal­leries and artists. You’ll find a con­ve­nient clus­ter of gal­leries worth vis­it­ing along Gallery Row,” the stretch of Pio­neer Avenue between Main Street and Lake Street. Here are three we like. Pic­ture Alas­ka Pic­ture Alas­ka (448 E. Pio­neer Ave.) fea­tures orig­i­nal paint­ings and fine art prints by notable local artists. This diverse gallery also…  ...more