Photo Credit: Destination Alaska

Homer Whale Watching Tours

Get on the water for a chance to witness majestic marine mammals up close, including humpback whales, orcas, and gray whales, as they journey through the waters of Kachemak Bay and the nearby Gulf of Alaska. Expert guides will lead you on a fascinating scenic tour, providing insights into the behaviors and habitats of these incredible creatures. Tours range from 5–8 hours.

Whale Watching Tours

Season: Mid-May to October 1 $3450+ (Up to 6 Guests) 5 - 8 hrs

Spend 5 to 8 hours ply­ing the gor­geous waters of Kachemak Bay on a lux­u­ry ves­sel. Your pri­vate group will have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to see dif­fer­ent types of wildlife: Orcas, Hump­back and Minke whales; sea lions; Dall’s por­poise; sea otters; puffins; seabirds; and more. Enjoy a gourmet meal aboard, stop in the vil­lage of Sel­dovia, or take a skiff ashore for beachcombing!