Chugach National Forest Scenic Day Drives

The Chugach National Forest offers lots of options for a stunningly scenic drive. You could, for example, choose to motor through Portage Valley, checking out hanging glaciers in the mountains and taking advantage of pull-outs along the way. Walk or bike the Trail of Blue Ice, take a swim in Moose Flats, and visit the Begich Boggs Portage Glacier Visitor Center.

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Scenic Drives

Portage Val­ley south­east of Anchor­age at the head of Tur­na­gain Arm offers so many poten­tial adven­tures that you might have to tow a trail­er loaded with gear to sam­ple them all. What will you find here? Bik­ing, hik­ing, pic­nick­ing, fish­ing, pad­dling, wildlife view­ing, poten­tial ice­berg sight­ings — plus a nat­ur­al his­to­ry vis­i­tor cen­ter packed with inter­ac­tive dis­plays about the ecosys­tem of the val­ley and Prince William Sound. It’s like an outdoor  ...more