Angoon is perfectly located for some amazing fishing in the bountiful waters of Chatham Strait or further inland on salmon streams and rivers. Share the experience with Admiralty Island’s abundant wildlife, including brown bear, eagles and whale – they’re after the fish, too!

The variety of fishing experiences near Angoon makes this location a good investment if you want to bring home a lot of fish. Halibut, salmon, trout – it’s all here and local guides can take you to it. Throw out a fly-fishing rod, casting rod, troll, or jig – or try a different technique each day! Something’s always biting between mid-May and mid-September, with July being the premium time for all species.

Your best bet for convenience and making the most of your time is to book with a lodge and retain a local guide. Being an island, there are lots of rocks and reefs to avoid, so navigating yourself can be tricky. (Plan for a local guide at least for the first day.)

However, some lodges also offer self-guided packages to include a boat, equipment and fish processing. You can also call the Angoon Tribal Office and inquire about local guides who have grown up here and truly know the waterways.

Saltwater fishing – Jig for monster Pacific halibut while watching whales bubble net feed nearby. Pull up ling cod and rock fish, or troll for King salmon.

Freshwater fishing – Dozens of glacier-fed streams and rivers in the heart of the Tongass National Forest are just a few minutes’ kayak or boat ride from Angoon. Fish for Dolly varden, cutthroat, rainbow trout or steelhead, plus coho, sockeye, humpy or chum salmon.

Before You Go

  • Decide which species are at the top of your list and plan your trip for the right time of summer.
  • Book accommodations (these can be booked up to two years in advance!).
  • Book a charter with a local guide.
  • Learn about the local fishing regulations and how much fish you can catch and keep.
  • Get your State of Alaska Fishing License. (You can buy it online and print it ahead of time.)

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