Where to Stay in Angoon

Accommodations on Admiralty Island range from all-inclusive beachfront lodges to in-town condos, a bed and breakfast, and several U.S. Forest Service cabins dotted throughout the island. Whether you stay in town or further afield, enjoy easy access to a world of old-growth forests and stunning beauty.

If you’re visiting mainly for fishing, you can’t beat the convenience of a lodge stay with guided fishing charter. Guides know the area and will get you to the right spot, where you’ll have a blast catching and landing salmon, halibut or freshwater trout. Lodges can then clean, fillet and vacuum-pack your fish so you can get it home with no fuss.

In Angoon

Two lodges and a bed and breakfast offer views of Kootznahoo Inlet and Mitchell Bay, gateway to the Tongass National Forest. You can also rent a condo for more independent living and affordability for longer stays.

Killisnoo Island

Killisnoo was home to a late-1800s whaling operation and a Tlingit village that burned in the 1920s. It also served as an internment camp for Kiska Aleuts during World War II. Today, summer homes and an all-inclusive lodge are located on Killisnoo Island, a stone’s throw from the ferry terminal. The lodge offers comfortable accommodations, meals, and fishing and eco-expeditions for its guests.

Further afield

When you want a more remote experience, with “just-out-the-door” access to the wilderness, you can kayak, boat or take a floatplane to one of 12 U.S. Forest Service Cabins on Admiralty Island. These are mostly along trails and lakes or bays. Getting there can be spendy, but the nightly fee of $25-40 is quite the bargain. You’ll need to pack in all your food and water (or be able to treat water) and be familiar with bear safety.

Tip: Accommodations are limited, so plan ahead and book early. Some lodges book up to two years in advance!

RV Parks & Campgrounds

This is a very small enclosed CCC Adiron­dack shel­ter. It has a con­crete floor, and a 1930s fire­place. 2 sin­gle wood­en bunks, wood stove, table and bench­es, Cook­ing counter, broom, fire­place, axe and maul, wood, out­house, skiff with oars. The cab­in is in the cen­tral part of the island on the south­ern end of Has­sel­borg Lake at an ele­va­tion of 300ft (91 m).


Hotels & Lodges

The Kootznoohoo Inlet Lodge is locat­ed in Angoon, Alas­ka on Admi­ral­ty Island. It’s a cozy 8 bed­room lodge with seafront view, Wi-Fi, and meals avail­able upon request. Kootznoohoo Inlet Lodge is open year round.


Wilderness Lodges


Fishing Lodges


Cabin Rentals