Meet Our Senator Lisa

Alaskans know that Alaska is different. Our wide open spaces and casual take on life translates into everything we do. Go to the fanciest restaurant and you'll find people in jeans. Go for a hike and you'll get a greeting from everybody you pass. And if you bump into your local politician, you better use their first name and cut the formalities! Makes you wonder if that's not the way it should be everywhere ...

"There is a connection we share as Alaskans that I think is extraordinarily special. You've got some incredible land, sure. But you have some really special people. We're just so real. It's not just how you treat your Senator, it's how you talk to the person next to you at the check out line. When we ask you how you're doing, we really mean it -- and we'll listen to your answer!"

It's not just local lawmakers, either. That homespun spirit and that friendliness can be seen in how Alaskans interact with their Governor and the people they send to Capitol Hill. The Senators are 'Lisa' and 'Mark.' Their Congressman is just 'Don.' And when Alaskans visit with their DC types back home, they're just as likely to ask about the kids or whether they've tried the new restaurant as they are to talk about this vote or that bill. In other words, Alaskans know that what matters isn't always on the news, but what you hear in the grocery aisle.

Senator Lisa Murkowski is Alaska's Senior Senator in Washington, DC, and a top voice on Capitol Hill on energy development issues. She's also active on military policy and its presence in the 49th state, fighting for Alaska Natives, protecting Alaska's fisheries, and a wide range of policy areas that resonate back home. But that's what she does - not who she is. If you listen to her, she's an Alaskan just like everybody else and firmly rooted with the people she cares about back home.


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