Printable Denali Park Map

Print this guide to the Denali Park Road or take it with you on The Alaska App. Be aware that you'll only be able to drive a private vehicle on the first 15 miles of the road unless you luck out and get a special permit in the annual drawing.

0.0: Junction with Alaska Highway 3 (elev. 1585ft)

0.45: Riley Creek Mercantile & Campground Entrance

0.75: Wilderness Access Center Entrance

1.15: Railroad Tracks

1.25: Alaska Railroad Denali Depot

1.40: Traffic Circle

1.50: Denali Nat'l Park Visitors Center

3.10: Development Ends, Wilderness Begins

3.25: Rock Creek & C Camp

3.40: Original Park Headquarters (elev. 2080ft)

9.00: First Denali (Mt. McKinley) View

10.60: Both peaks of Denali are framed by Double Mountain and Sable Mountain.

12.75: Savage River Campground

14.75: Savage River Bridge (east end elev. 2590ft), River Loop Trail, Check Station & Pavement Break

16.00: Primrose Ridge rest area & Primrose Ridge Trail

19.70: Crest of Pass, large turnaround, last view of Denali

21.20: Hogan Creek (culvert)

22.65: Sanctuary Campground entrance

22.75: Sanctuary River

23.70: Spindly Spruce on Permafrost

24.10: Crest of Pass (elev. 2640ft)

29.10: Teklanika Campground entrance

30.20: Teklanika River Viewpoint & Trail

31.25: Teklanika Bridge (east end, elev. 2655ft)

34.05: Igloo Ranger Station, Campground, & Bridge (elev. 2940ft). Hear about campgrounds in the area & wildlife viewing .

37.50: Tattler Creek & Sable Mountain Trail

38.35: Sable Pass Wildlife Closure Sign

39.05: Sable Pass (elev. 3900ft)

42.65: End of Wildlife Closure

42.95: East Fork Cabin

43.35: East Fork Bridge (elev. 3055ft)

45.85: Polychrome Pass (elev. 3695ft)

46.40: Marmot Rock

51.65: Porcupine Forest

53.10: Toklat River (elev. 3035ft) & East Branch Trail

53.50: Toklat Road Camp Junction

58.25: Highway Pass, highest point on road (elev. 3980ft)

61.95 - Stony Hill Overlook (elev. 3890ft). Hear about the view.

64.45: Thorofare Pass (elev. 3950ft)

65.90: Eielson Visitor Center (elev. 3733ft)

68.00: Grassy Pass

74.65: Moose Creek Pit

84.40: Wonder Lake Campground Junction

84.50: Wonder Lake

84.60: Dalle-Molleville

85.30: Reflection Pond

86.50: Wonder Lake Ranger Station

87.15: Wonder Lake North End (culvert)

87.75: Wilderness Boundary Sign

89.00: Moose Creek Bridge

89.10: Camp Denali Road

89.10: North Face Lodge

90.80: Kantishna Roadhouse

90.90: Eureka Creek ford

91.55: Skyline Drive

92.10: Friday Creek

92.15: Kantishna Ghost Town & Quigley Cabin

92.20: Kantishna Airstrip

92.45: End of Road


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