Denali (McKinley) Summit Flight or Standard Scenic Tour?

Summit Flights

Flying over Denali's (Mt. McKinley's) summit is breathtaking. Circling above the roof of North America, you'll see rugged peaks give way to shimmering glaciers to endless tundra stretching to the horizon. If you're lucky, you may see climbers approaching the summit. Some planes are pressurized; others use oxygen bags above 14,000 feet (and you'll be above 20,000 feet!).

But there are tradeoffs. Summit flights have to gain altitude gradually, so you won't spend as much time at close range to the glaciers down low where the glacial formations, ice blocks, and rock walls are absolutely entrancing. And summit flights generally don't offer glacier landings.

Other Options From Talkeetna

The Classic

Fly over the Tokositna, Kahiltna, and Ruth Glaciers. May include glacier landing. You'll fly closer to terrain the entire flight and be able to study details of the landscape.

Around The Mountain

You'll fly higher over the glaciers in order to gain enough altitude to also see the North side of the mountain, but not as high as you would on a summit flight. These trips may include a glacier landing.


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