Safety Tips for Gold Panning on the Kenai

Be Aware of Bears

Brown and Black bearís have roamed the Kenai Peninsula for thousands of years. They are wild animals and they can be very dangerous. Their favorite meal, salmon, live in the streams where you will be panning so stay alert! Be sure to educate yourself on bear facts prior to panning.

Keep an Eye Out For Moose

The Kenai Peninsula is home to some of the world's largest and strongest moose. Although they will not eat you, they are still dangerous. Moose are known to charge, especially if they think their babies are in danger. Admire them from a distance!

Dress Appropriately

The gold is in the water, and the water is cold. You will be in this cold water panning for gold. However, in Alaska there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. Wear waterproof boots and gloves, wool clothing, extra clothing, and dress in layers!

Do Not Pan on Creek Banks

Only pan in the active stream channels, never on the shore or in cut banks. Banks are very unstable and if you should cause one to collapse heavy boulders and trees could fall on you.


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