Best Time to Visit Unalaska - Port of Dutch Harbor

The best time for visiting Unalaska really depends on what you want to do and how you want to get there. You can cruise or ferry into Unalaska between late spring and early fall, and can fly in all year round.

Summer is a magical time in Unalaska, when the hills are covered in a lush emerald carpet, the fish are jumping, and hiking trails - not yet covered with snow - are easier to find and follow. Many birders relish the thought of spotting the rare Whiskered Auklet, which is best seen in May and June. Whales are also active in the summer and early fall.

Winter offers an Aleutian Island reality check, with colder temps and some roads closed for the season due to snow and avalanches. However, this is a great time for birding, with many species overwintering in Unalaska’s ice-free coastal waters, and also for spotting your favorite celebrity boat during the busy crabbing season.

Spring Summer Fall Winter
Fly In X X X X
Ferry X (May) X X (September)
Cruise X (late April / May) X X (September)
Birding X X X X
Whale Watching X (April / May) X X (September)
Eagles X X X X
Wildflowers X (May) X
Berries X (August) X (September)
Local Festivities X X
Sporting Races X X X X
View Crabbing Boats X
Halibut Fishing X (late spring) X
Salmon Fishing X X
Hiking X (May) X X
Visit Museums X X X X
Drive to Beaches, Coves X (late May) X X (before snow)


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