When Does The Sun Set During Your Alaska Trip?

Find out when the sun will rise and set during your Alaska trip. Our summer days are long while winter days are short. As you go further north during your trip to Alaska, the summer days get even longer. In the Far North, the sun doesn't set for months!

Some people think Alaska has less sunlight than other places. The opposite is true. Averaged over an entire year, Alaska gets 10-17 minutes more daylight per day than the rest of the country. If you include civil twilight, Alaska gets 40 minutes more light on average than the rest of the country.

Even during those months of the year when Alaska has the same daylight hours as other locations, the days seem longer. That's because the sun rises and sets later in Alaska due to time zone boundaries.

Print our sunrise/sunset tables to help you with Alaska trip planning. On an Alaska fishing trip, it's civil twilight you care about; it can give you an extra hour of natural light on the water, both morning and evening! The same is true for Alaska float trips. If you're planning an Alaska road trip, an Alaska RV trip, or Alaska motorcyle trip, some of the most beautiful light can be just before and after sunset. So whatever your plans, these tables come in handy on a trip to Alaska!

Note: Civil twilight is the period before sunrise and after sunset in which it is still light outside. Taking this into account can add extra hours onto your day. This can be especially important to get a head-start on fishing trips as well as other outdoor activities.

Alaska Sunrise & Sunset Times

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