Unalaska & Port of Dutch Harbor

4 Days


Mid-May through mid-September



Why This Trip?

Most Alaskan travelers don't make the 3-hour flight from Anchorage to Unalaska, on the Aleutian Islands Chain...and that's exactly why a trip here is unique. The people who do come tend to be researchers, fishermen, or people with specific interests, like birders and WWII historians. But everyone comes away amazed by the lush mountains and endless sea views stretching off onto the horizon.


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Day 1

Fly from Anchorage to Unalaska

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Board your flight in Anchorage for the 3-hour journey to Unalaska/Port of Dutch Harbor. If time permits when you land, begin your exploration at the Museum of the Aleutians to get a deeper understanding of this remote island chain, its hardy and inventive Unangan people, and its compelling World War II history.

Day 2

Day & Overnight in Unalaska

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The thing that will strike you about Unalaska is that despite its small size, there's a lot here to explore. Begin your discovery at the Carl E. Moses Boat Harbor, where you'll have a chance to see the boats of Deadliest Catch; this is where most of them are docked when not at sea. Then drive or walk up 1,634-foot Mt. Ballyhoo. Look for rock ptarmigan and some of the many bald eagles. Take in the panoramic view of the Bering Sea and you'll understand why this island has such strategic importance during WWII.

Day 3

Day & Overnight in Unalaska

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Spend another full day exploring this spectacular island with its wildlife, historic artifacts, and stunning overlooks. Birders will be especially excited, as between 40 and 50 million birds—representing more than 150 species—make their homes here over the summer. Hikers, too, will love their time along trails that climb high to great views and drop down into landscapes full of wildflowers and berries. And always keep an eye out for the rich WWII history that lends a fascinating perspective to this storied island.

Day 4

Fly from Unalaska to Anchorage

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It's your final day in Unalaska! Take a look around you and soak up the sights and sounds of this remote island before boarding your plane for the 3-hour flight back to Anchorage.