Yukon River Points

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Yukon River Points

Put In Option for Yukon Riv­er. Where you start is prob­a­bly depen­dent upon vehi­cles and dri­vers with the first oppor­tu­ni­ty at Lake Ben­nett, where you can pad­dle its length into Lake Tag­ish and on down to its out­let into the Yukon prop­er. From here, a 3 to 4 mile an hour cur­rent will take you the remain­ing dis­tance to White­horse, Yukon Territory.

From White­horse there begins a 460-mile sec­tion of riv­er that runs to Daw­son where road access occurs.

From Daw­son the riv­er runs into Alas­ka to the first real access, the Tay­lor High­way, at the town of Eagle Alas­ka, 240 miles below Dawson.

The take out at Eagle is on riv­er left so stay left well above it in order to get across the strong cur­rent to the take out. The Vil­lage is by the riv­er and there is an airstrip if you were fly­ing home.

From Cir­cle the riv­er begins it’s sweep­ing bend to the south­west to where the Dal­ton High­way cross­es the riv­er below Steven’s Vil­lage after 200 miles.

After going under the Dal­ton High­way you are on the way to a sec­tion of riv­er with­out road access but there are numer­ous vil­lages where reg­u­lar com­mer­cial air ser­vice is your tick­et out.

Below the haul road a like­ly des­ti­na­tion might be Gale­na, 310 miles away, where the Yukon starts its run to the south and to its giant delta region.

At Moun­tain Vil­lage the great riv­er turns into a giant maze of braids and might be a log­i­cal place to end a trip on this low­er part of the river.

The vil­lage of Emmon­ak, near the river’s mouth, might be as far as you want to go into the west­ern delta region and is the region­al hub for air traffic.