Unalaska WWII Historical Plaques

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Unalaska WWII Historical Plaques

This dock was used to repair sub­marines on patrol in the Bering Sea dur­ing the war. Locat­ed along Air­port Beach Road.

A plaque in the park­ing area of the Muse­um of the Aleu­tians along Salmon Way explains some of the hill­side trench­es in the area.

East Point Road ­sign, describ­ing Unan­gan evac­u­a­tion dur­ing WWII

Red brick naval radio sta­tion near the Amer­i­can Pres­i­dent Lines (APL) dock.This is the only brick build­ing in the Aleutians.

Near Blor­ka Dri­ve and Delta Way, you’ll find infor­ma­tion on the sink­ing of the ves­sel North­west­ern in Cap­tain’s Bay

A mark­er here is ded­i­cat­ed to the 881 Unan­gan men, women and chil­dren who were relo­cat­ed to intern­ment camps in South­east Alas­ka from 1942 – 1945.

This plaque marks the under­ground Mil­i­tary Hos­pi­tal on Amak­nak. The build­ing is no longer stand­ing, but the infor­ma­tion­al sign will tell you all about it.