Six Mile Creek Points

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Six Mile Creek Points

The take out below the Mid­dle Canyon is reached by going 4 miles fur­ther on the Hope Cut-off to where a turnoff and a trail leads to the river.

To take out below the Low­er canyon, con­tin­ue on the Hope Cut-off to mile 7.2 where a dirt road on the right leads down a quar­ter of a mile to the riv­er where the nor­mal take out for the full run is found.

To access the Mid­dle Canyon and to exit the Upper Canyon run, turn right on the Hope Cut-off and go less than a half mile to just past the Hope Cut-off Way­side and before the Depart­ment of Trans­porta­tion’s Sil­ver­tip Sta­tion, where a grav­el road leads down to the riv­er. This road joins the stream just below the con­flu­ence with Canyon Creek, and a short bit fur­ther anoth­er road to the right takes you down near enough to the water that a put  ...more

From Anchor­age take the Seward High­way beyond Tur­na­gain Pass to mile 62.5 where the high­way cross­es the East Fork and con­tin­ue anoth­er 2.4 miles to a grav­el turnout where you can park and access the river.

There is a fee if you take out here!