Photo Credit: Cynthia Meyer

The Best Wildlife Viewing Spots in Pelican

Wildlife viewing near Pelican is nothing short of incredible, but you do need a boat in order to get to the action. Plan for a 2 to 3 day boat charter and you won’t be disappointed. Just tell your captain what you want to see and then be prepared to wear your camera out. You can watch brown bear feasting on salmon, spot Sitka black-tail deer, whales bubble feeding, orca chasing fish, sea lions, porpoise and rafts of sea otters – all within a couple of days.

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Best Wildlife Viewing Spots in Pelican

Pel­i­can Creek Bridge is just a few min­utes from Pelican’s har­bor. This is a great place for view­ing salmon that are head­ed upstream to spawn­ing sites. Check it out in July and August for the best view­ing opportunities.