Nenana River Points

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Nenana River Points

The upper reach­es of the Nenana flow out of the Nenana Glac­i­er and runs south then west into a wide glacial val­ley and the pri­ma­ry access for the upper Class II stretch is from the Denali High­way at mile 20. This is a geo­log­i­cal­ly inter­est­ing area as the riv­er runs into the trench of the Denali Fault Line, a major source of earth­quakes and moun­tain build­ing process­es. Canoes and kayaks are well suit­ed for this region and fish­ing is decent at…  ...more

There is a take out at the bridge of the Healy Spur Road, only four miles from the Parks High­way. Pull over riv­er left imme­di­ate­ly after the bridge and watch out for the train car wreck­age, lit­ter­ing the riv­er here.

Access is on riv­er left above or below the bridge or 200 yards around the cor­ner at a pub­lic access below King­fish­er Creek on riv­er right.

The best access seems to be on riv­er left and you might stop ear­ly to see where to exact­ly pull in for derig­ging as there is a bridge build­ing crew there these days prepar­ing to replace the old iron bridge with a more mod­ern style one.

From the Denali High­way the riv­er cuts past the Rein­deer Hills to its next access point at the Windy Bridge, just north of the town of Cantwell where the Parks High­way cross­es the Nenana just above the con­flu­ence with the Jack Riv­er. Just below the high­way bridge on riv­er left is excel­lent access end­ing this 15-mile Class II stretch. It is here that the riv­er bends to the north and escapes the Denali Fault Line where it picks up speed as it…  ...more