Hoholinta River Points

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Hoholinta River Points

GPS Coor­di­nates White­fish Lake: N 60 degrees and 56.4 min­utes by W 155 degrees and 00.2 min­utes Hook Creek Con­flu­ence: N 60 degrees and 57 min­utes by W 156 degrees and 05 min­utes. Kashegeluk: N 60 degrees and 50 min­utes by W 157 degrees and 49.9 min­utes. Hoholit­na Con­flu­ence: N61degrees and 30.6 min­utes by W 156 degrees and 59.5 min­utes Sleet­mute: N 61 degrees and 41.6 min­utes by W 157 degrees 10.2 minutes   ...more

Take out involves float­ing all the way to the much larg­er Kuskok­wim Riv­er and quick­ly cross­ing to the right shore and float­ing to the vil­lage of Sleet­mute where there may be a sched­uled flight to Dilling­ham or you may have to char­ter a flight to Dilling­ham and then con­nect with com­mer­cial air­lines to Anchorage.

The take out involves float­ing all the way to the Holiti­na Riv­er and on to the Kuskok­wim Riv­er where you can pull over at Sleet­mute for a flight back to Ani­ak or Bethel for your con­nec­tion back to Anchorage.

The put in for the Hoholit­na involves get­ting from Anchor­age to Ani­ak, or Bethel by com­mer­cial air­line and then char­ter­ing a float­plane to White­fish Lake.